Cyber Security Compliance for Government Contractors

Cybercrimes have been reported an increase over time due to the advancement of computer technology. These criminals can interfere with the networks of the computers in any organization and interfere with the data stored. They can use hacking to access database management systems and therefore retrieve all the data that is secured. They can also cause network breakdown and therefore deny one service. They take advantage when the data stores for institutions is not well managed or secured. Thus governments have come up with a compliance policy for all those seeking government contracts to adhere to as a must. The civilian contractors have to follow this to ensure the security of country data.

The introduction of controlled unclassified information has seen the enforcement of this has adopted some cyber security standard provided in NIST SP 800-171 compliance which also include critical information and expert control. DOD has created interim rules that have the goal of compelling government contractors to meet the computer technology stands set by the government. For instance, they are required to use a cloud-based proposal before the contract is offered ton them. The use of cloud for data storage will ensure that no data is lost in case of theft. The contractors should also apply for authorization in that defense information department. They should also be able to provide access to the collected data and information; the person involved in the contract and the facilities that are related to the implementation in case the government require to do inspection or audit.

The cloud-based systems will be required to have real reporting systems in case anything occur or discover malicious entry or software of unauthorized request for data that are not approved. The contractors, when faced by a cyber-incident, should keep the images of the incident well secured for a minimum of three months. They should be able to provide the information on demand for forensic analysis and investigation purposes. Information systems are also required to have minimum baselines for security control. The contractors are also required to use a continuous monitoring software so that they can operate data systems on behalf of the government. The database information system should be diligent and shared by all agencies. This ensures that all department can comfortably access crucial information to assess the cybersecurity risk level. Therefore these contractors should provide stronger passwords for their system and create firewalls to secure their data but at the same time be flexible enough to allow government controls. Look up NIST 800 171 Compliance online to know even more. 

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